2015- 2016 Board of Directors

Matt Abel – Executive Director

David Crocker, MD. – Medical Director

Annette Crocker – Treasurer

Rick Thompson – Secretary

Adam L. Brook – Fundraising Director

Trena Moss – Chapter Director

Josef White – Outreach Director


Brad Forester Membership Director
Political Director – Open

What We Have Been Doing

  • 2005–Funded Travel for Jack Herer to Traverse City
  • 2005–Donated to Mark Emery’s defense
  • 2005–Keylining and Printing of Ferndale Petitions
  • 2006–Petition, Keylining, Printing for Flint Petitions
  • 2006–Petition, Keylining, Printing for Nile Petitions
  • 2006–Petition, Keylining, Reprint for Flint Petitions
  • 2007–Ethan Nadelman Sponsor
  • 2008–Beginning of work with MPP for Medical Marijuana Petitions
  • 2008–Contributor for Initiation of MI-HEMP
  • 2009–Sponsor Needy Patients for MMMA Cards
  • 2009–Contributor Lansing Rally
  • 2010–Contributor Lansing Rally
  • 2010–Sponsor for David Leyton Yardsigns
  • 2010–Contributor to Eric VanDussen Court Work
  • 2011–Contributor to Kalamazoo LLEP
  • 2011–Contributor for Gersh Avery’s Michigan Medical Marijuana Survey
  • 2011–Donor for ASA’s Raid Training Preparedness
  • 2011–Contributor Lansing Rally
  • 2011–Contributor Repeal Today Legalization Effort
  • 2012–Contributor for Ypsilanti Petition Drive
  • 2012–Contributor to Kickstart “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”
  • 2012–Contributor to Grand Rapids Decriminalization Petition Drive
  • 2013–Contributor  Contested Grand Rapids Initiative Ballot Legal Fees
  • 2013–Contributor to Jackson Initiative
  • 2013–Contributor to Lansing Initiative
  • 2013–Donor to Taxpayers United to Fight Suspicion-Based Drug Testing in Michigan
  • 2013–Contributor to Curtis Kile’s Roll to Legalize to Washington D. C.
  • 2013–Sponsored EPIC/MRA Michigan Poll on Legalization of Marijuana
  • 2013–David Crocker, MD, appointed to State Medical MMJ  Review Board (Board Member)
  • 2013–“The House I Live In” Metro Detroit Area Coordinator  (Joe White, Outreach Director)
  • 2013–Sponsored EPIC/MRA poll question
  • 2014–Sponsored Mailing Shiloh Stevens DVD to Public Broadcast Stations
  • 2014- Contributed to several local decriminalization campaigns
  • 2014-Sponsored EPIC-MRA poll question
  • Yearly Monroe Street Fair Sponsor
  • Yearly Contributor to MOCC Harvestfest
  • Yearly Sponsor  of Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk