Ask Governor Snyder to keep dispensaries open
Ask your State Senator to repeal the TRUNK LAW
Ask State of Michigan Treasurer Nick Khouri to repeal the 6% PATIENT TAX
Ask your State reps to repeal the 6% PATIENT TAX


Jeff Sessions Is Targeting Marijuana – It’s Time For Congress To Step In
Ask your federal elected officials to support The Marijuana Justice Act of 2017
More actions from NORML


A personal email is an effective way to contact your legislators. Craft your message in your words, but here are a few pointers to help you create a better letter.

Please visit our Letter Writing Help Desk for more tips, greetings and sample letters.


Use the START HERE – FIND OUT WHO REPRESENTS YOU link to locate your elected officials. Each of their phone numbers are listed with their names.

But before you call, you should spend some time thinking about exactly what you want to say and write your thoughts down on paper. You may get to speak with the Representative or you may speak with a staff member, but you must be prepared to effectively communicate your thoughts and be able to answer questions.

Choose a single issue to discuss, for example your displeasure with the new 6% PATIENT TAX. Think about exactly what it is that you don’t like and why you don’t like it and write that information down so you can discuss your issue intelligently with the person you’re speaking to.

It’s always a good idea to follow up your conversation with an email or a letter reiterating your concerns. A follow up letter reinforces your concern about your issue and while it may or may not illicit action from your legislator, at least you did your civic duty and lodged a proper complaint with the proper official!


Follow your elected officials on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Connect with them as constituents then comment on their posts and leave posts on their Timeline and Feed. Don’t be a troll, but try to have a discussion or leave comments. Your representative may or may not respond, but they see your comments and so do other voters in your Districts! Take advantage of this quick and easy way to communicate with your legislators.


Next to meeting your legislator, writing a letter and sending it the old fashioned way, snailmail, is probably the most effective way to interect with your elected officials. Taking the time to send a letter, especially a hand-written letter, not one you printed out of your computer, carries weight with policy makers at every level of government.

Please visit our Letter Writing Help Desk for more tips, greetings and sample letters.


A visit to your legislator’s office in Lansing is always an option. A visit to your representatives in Washington D.C. is much more difficult, but our U.S. Congresspeople also have local offices in their Districts and there’s usually someone there during normal business hours to see you and take a message for your representative. This is effective, while you may or may not see the representative, your action of visiting their District Office makes an impact and the representative will be aware of your visit.

Please download the NORML Citizen Lobby Guide to help prepare you for your visit.

Also download the 2018 Michigan Citizen’s Guide to State Government.

Visit your Lansing Representative
Check the House of Representatives Schedule
Visit the Citizen’s Guide page of the House of Representatives website
The House Visitor Information Page has information about parking and security
Locate your Representative and schedule an appointment

Visit your Lansing Senator
Check the Michigan Senate Schedule
The Senate Visitor Information Page has information about parking and security
Locate your Senator and schedule an appointment

Visit your U.S. Congressperson
Check the MINORML Congressional Profiles and see if your Congressperson passes or fails
Locate your U.S. Congressperson

Visit your U.S. Senator
Senator Debbie Stabenow
Senator Gary Peters

All of your elected officials spend time in their Districts and they make public appearances across the District. Check the events calendars on your Representative’s pages and sign up for their emails. Find out when they will make appearances in the District and go meet them at a location near you. This is the most effective face time you can get with your elected official because your family, friends, neighbors and other voters will be there to hear his answers to your respectful questions about cannabis prohibition.