Volunteer to work on a Committee

Michigan NORML wants to build a system to recruit succeeding generations of board members, and we also want to create actionable volunteer opportunities for our supporters. The Committee system will be our farm system and your opportunity to get involved! Future board members will be chosen based on their committee participation because as a Committee member, you will get hands-on experience working with a 501(c)(4) organization and learn the different functions, goals, policies and procedures of the organization from the ground up.

We are forming the following Committees and we need you to participate! Committees will meet via conference call once a month on a day and a time to be picked by the Committee and approved by the MINORML board. We just want to make sure the calls are spread out throughout the month so folks can participate in more than one Committee. Committees will also meet once a year in-person at the annual Michigan NORML Conference and provide a report to the board and our attendees. Committees will do real work and they will influence the direction of our organization and cannabis policy in Michigan. If you really want to be an activist, this is your opportunity! Please complete the form below.

This Committee is very important because it will develop the infrastructure, policies and procedures that will be the foundation of our chapter and supporter systems. You will create chapter requirements that define the relationship between Michigan NORML and our chapters including how to start a chapter, what we expect from chapters, what chapters can expect from us, a code of conduct and ethics, social media and public statement guidelines, collaboration with MINORML on all activities, etc. It will also review our existing supporter services functions including email subscribers, paid members, sponsors and other donors. It will create a tiered membership structure. It will create membership, sponsor and donor recruitment programs. If you have people management skills, we ask that you volunteer for this Committee. You must be a current paid member to participate. Local Contacts, Work Group and Chapter folks are encouraged to participate.

Social Media/Promotion
Michigan NORML needs a social media team! We have a powerhouse website and four additional popular social media sites with another 6 sites forwarding to those 4 sites! We need a team that creates and distributes pre-approved social media posts and sponsor posts across all our social media platforms. We need monitors and first-responders who watch social media sites daily for stories about cannabis in Michigan and selectively across the country, and respond to the articles with pre-approved posts. Social media is also a integral tool for building the membership, raising funds and rallying our supporters to action. This Committee will learn the Action Network system and create our official emails and our email newsletter, the LEAFLET which we currently release every two weeks. This will be a big and important Committee and it’s perfect for someone who spends a lot of time online already. This Committee will also develop the guidelines and assist chapters and contacts and help them create sections on our websites and their own branded social media pages.

Hash Bash Weekend
This Committee will be a fun one to work on! It will organize all Michigan NORML’s activities the weekend of Hash Bash. Every detail from planning all our events at multiple locations, working with our sponsors, coordinating with a hotel for a block of rooms, creating the displays, ordering merchandise, signs, banners, amusement/attractions, etc.

This Committee will develop a plan to attend events excluding those surrounding Hash Bash weekend. Current events we attend are High Times Cannabis Cup, CannaCon and likely the State Fair this year. We need to be at events like the Michigan Glass Project event, cannabis industry events and music festivals. The Committee will need to design a booth and select and manage merchandise. This Committee creates and presents our public face at events, recruits supporters and generates revenue for Michigan NORML.

Political Action
This Committee guides the direction of our organization and helps us adopt policies and actions to further our mission. This Committee will draft responses to legislation and comments by credible opponents. It will craft and disseminate the organizations official messaging. It will issue official communications and press releases. It will arrange to have Michigan NORML representatives appear at hearings and meet with legislators. It will draft and offer amended legislation to receptive legislators. Ideal for members close to Lansing!

This Committee will work with other Committees and develop a comprehensive strategy to raise funds for Michigan NORML. It will set annual goals. It will define streams of revenue. It will organize fundraising and membership drives. It will create other strategies to maximize fundraising.