Canadian company plans medical marijuana grow op.

Channel 9 and 10 news, out of Cadillac is reporting that a Canadian company is proposing to build a 20 million dollar medical marijuana grow operation in Kingsley, Mi.
The operation is projected to employ 100 people.

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4 thoughts on “Canadian company plans medical marijuana grow op.”

  1. How is it that a company from out of state can come in and take over with out the small growers having a say, or being able to stand up to a out of state grower and stop them from taking what our growers have been fighting for all these years? The small growers of Mi need to stand up and say NOT IN OUR STATE!

    1. Maybe we need to form an organization for smaller growers in Michigan. There is power in numbers!!

      Ive also been told that the owner of Detroit’s Bell Tire Company is in the process of constructing a large outdoor grow operation in Osceola County on US10.

      Ive been a caregiver for over 7 years and am hoping to get a small growers license when they’re let in December
      but the big boys will attempt to drive us out of business by lower the prices. Is anyone interested in forming a Small Michigan Growers Association?

      Let me know
      Thomas Cox

      1. Hi Thomas, My name is Jerry Spencer I’m the director of Great Lakes Bay Region Norml, I would like to get with you and talk about forming a Small Michigan Growers Association. Get back to me as soon as you can:)

        1. Hi Jerry
          I enjoyed attending and meeting you and the members at your chapter.

          Im wondering if they have any such associations in California, Colorado, Oregon or Washington
          state. Im very interested in forming this business group.

          Email me at and we can talk about this idea further.

          Any Michigan growers out there that might be interested in joining
          , please feel free to contact me or Jerry. Maybe we could have an organizational meeting while were in Ann Arbor for the Spring MiNORML Meeting, Hash Bash and Street Fair.

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