Marijuana law reform needs Congressional Support

Mr. Huang –

I am writing to engage Congresswoman Lawrence on drug policy reform.

I am the Executive Director of Michigan NORML (National Org. for Reform of Marijuana Laws), and a constituent.

NORML now represents the silent majority of people who support legalization of cannabis in the United States.

It is up to congress to move this issue forward, and we are frustrated with the lack of progress on this issue.

Representative Lawrence is in a relatively safe seat and should become a leader on this issue.

She can and should join the newly-formed Congressional Cannabis Caucus.

She should sign on to support HR2920, the CARERS Act.

She could join as a co-sponsor of HR2528 – the Respect State Medical Marijuana Laws Act. It seems to me that would naturally flow from representing a district in a state which has approved medical marijuana, as Michigan has now for nearly nine long years.

Patients still are prosecuted by the federal government.

Meanwhile, we are suppressing a product which serves to reduce harm caused by other substances, while squelching an engine of economic renewal.

We would appreciate your attention to this matter.

It is why we elected a Representative.

I look forward to hearing from you, and would appreciate being able to meet with the Congresswoman regarding these issues sometime in the near future.

Thank you.

Matthew R. Abel
Attorney at Law
Cannabis CounselĀ®, P.L.C.
Lawyers Who Roll The Right Way
2930 E. Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48207

Executive Director, Michigan NORML

Lifetime Member, NORML Legal Committee

National Cannabis Bar Association Board member

State Bar of Michigan Marijuana Law Section Council

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