In 2016, we asked voters a more detailed version of the same question we asked in 2014. It was formulated specifically with key provisions of the ballot proposal mentioned in the question. While the campaign led by MI Legalize submitted over 365,000 valid signatures, they were kept off the 2016 general election ballot in November for failing to collect and submit their signatures within a 180-day window the State said applied to ballot initiatives.

Again, Michigan NORML commissioned a poll question with our polling partner, EPIC-MRA, to test voter support for that specific initiative and the results appear below.

EPIC-MRA Statewide Survey – 600 sample – 4% error rate
Conducted by live callers from March 19-22, 2016
Includes 30% cell phones

Commissioned by Michigan NORML
The Michigan Chapter of the
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Key findings
53% majority of Michigan voters would vote “yes” on a ballot proposal to legalize and tax marijuana, with 45% voting “no” and 2% undecided

This is up 3 points from a 50%-46% bare majority voting “yes” in December of 2014

This is also up 6 points from a 47% plurality who favored one of four proposals that would legalize and tax marijuana in September of 2013

Here is the question all survey respondents were asked in the recent March 2016 survey:
“If there are enough valid petition signatures collected in the coming months, a proposal to legalize and tax marijuana in Michigan will be placed on the November election ballot. If approved by voters, the proposal would allow for the cultivation, possession and sale of marijuana to adults age 21 and over. It would impose an excise tax of up to 10 percent on the sale of non-medical marijuana, with the funding provided earmarked for education, improvements to roads and bridges, and to supplement the budgets of local governments if they license the sale of marijuana in their community. The proposal would provide regulations to protect the public, give local governments the authority to decide if they want to allow the sale of marijuana in their community, and to draft zoning and licensing ordinances to regulate commercial activity. Finally, it would authorize statewide cultivation and processing of industrial hemp.

Based on this description and what you know or have heard or read about this proposal, if the election were held today, would you vote Yes in favor of the proposal, or No, to reject it?
[IF UNDECIDED, ASK: “Well, if the election were held today and you had to
decide right now, would you lean toward voting Yes in favor of the proposal, or lean toward
voting No to reject it?” AND CODE BEST RESPONSE]”

49% Vote Yes
4% Lean toward voting Yes

42% Vote No
3% Lean toward voting No

2% Undecided/Refused

The full results of this poll can be downloaded here.